KDE 4: My List of Most Awaited Applications

I have been using KDE 4.0 since the day ONE, and of course compared to my KDE 3.5.8 desktop (both on openSUSE 10.3) there are tonnes of features that are currently missing (or in the process of re-invention), especially when it comes to configuring everything that is about the KDE 4 desktop next to that I really dislike the current way of file management …

yes, the current Dolphin and the features it lacks compared to Konq way of file management (I’ll blab about this later). In the meantime, I really would have loved the following applications to be fully ported, functioning and support all that KDE 4 has to offer:

1. KDE PIM - or in other words, Kontact, especially KMail.

2. Kaffeine - this is my primary video player (exception being to Firefox, where Mplayer + Mplayer-plugin is the best choice).