KDE 4: The Latest In Linux Improvement

I was unable to attend the KDE release party at Google headquarters. I was thrilled to get the invite, but I just couldn't make it. And to be honest, that's a shame because the latest release has impressed me, despite me being seen as a crusty GNOME fan. I guess in the end we are all Linux users at heart.

KDE 4.0 Looks Marvelous. Along with the obvious bug fixes and a few usability improvements, the KDE team has really outdone itself. The inclusion of Plasma looks promising, despite the lack of anything visually compelling on the Plasma page to indicate this. Seriously, visiting the page marked ' discover Plasma ' only to see a nice empty space with zero information is not winning anyone over. At least not on the user front. But after looking into the site deeper, it appears that the overall mission holds great promise.

Great Application Updates, With One Exception.


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It's gonna be awesome!

I hope it gets even better! Cant wait for the final version Laughing