Jono Bacon: 7.10 Released

Well, after six months of feverish development, Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon is released. An Ubuntu release is a phenomenal achievement for a worldwide network of volunteers and enthusiasts as well as the developers hired by Canonical to work on Ubuntu full-time. But, it is not just developers that contribute, but artists, translators, testers, documentation writers, bug triagers, support, QA, marketing, publicity, administration, hosting, mirroring, logging, forums, irc ops, and a range of other areas.

We should also not forget the incredible wealth of upstream software that each Ubuntu release pulls from, and the enormous pool of software that the awesome MOTU team package and make available for each Ubuntu release. Finally, there are the tireless bunch in business development who work on support offerings, OEM deals, training, global alliances, partner programmes, ISVs and various other aspects which help take this incredible Operating System and make it attractive to businesses, vendors and professionals around the world.