It's so nice to see Ubuntu getting more mainstream

The New York Times had a review of Ubuntu today, and it was generally pretty positive. I've been using it for most of the year now, and at this point, I've almost forgotten that I'm not using the same OS as everyone else because it works so well. Not only are all the parts of the OS really great - Gnome, Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp and all the little apps like gEdit and the file manager - but the integration of these apps and general organization in Ubuntu is awesome as well. I find myself more and more productive using it every day as I unlearn old habits and learn new ones.

It's nice to see the article praise the package management system - as it does rock and adding a new app is so insanely simple - but I think the focus on the multimedia stuff is a bit overblown. It doesn't take much effort to add in DVD support with the multiverse. Compared to the level of effort you need to make to clean up all the junk many Windows boxes have after you get it pre-installed, I think it's actually a breeze.