Installing Ubuntu 8.04 on Virtual PC: It takes a village

I’ve played around with Linux a little on other’s machines, but I’ve never installed it myself or really tried to use it on a day-to-day basis. So, ready to take the plunge, I decided to install it in a virtual environment so that I could easily switch between it and all of my Windows-based tools and applications that I use for my editing duties. Keep in mind that I’m an editor (translation: English major), not a tech person, and will claim only a reasonable amount of tech savviness as a user.

So the first thing I should have done, apparently, was use VirtualBox or VMware, but no, I chose to install it on Virtual PC, and I’m rather stubborn, which made everything that much more interesting. Since I had to google for workarounds and bug fixes, visit Ubuntu forums, and ask — at different times — advice from a number of kind people to get this up and running (hence, the village), I thought I would compile it all together in one place, if you are so foolish as to want to do this at home.