Installing Applications Graphically

For me, the easiest way to install and update applications is through apt-get on the command line. But, I've used Ubuntu for a few years now, and I realize that not everyone is comfortable with the CLI. Today, I want to highlight a few graphical alternatives to apt-get. These directions will work in place of the Terminal directions for any application in the Ubuntu repositories.
I don't use the graphical installers, so I don't know all of the tips and tricks available. Ubuntu experts: what are some of the best features of Synaptic and Add/Remove? What else should I add to this description?

1. The Add/Remove Dialog:

This is the most simple graphical way to install a new program. Go to Applications -> Add/Remove..., check the program you want to install from the list, and click 'Apply Changes'. You can use the search box at the top and the categories on the left to narrow down the list.