Installing and tracking software updates with toast

Using toast takes the burden out of building, installing, and keeping track of software built from source. You can use toast to build and maintain software installed in your /home directory as a regular user, or to set up software for all users in /usr/local. toast can obtain packages over HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and via SSH and CVS. It can handle most archive formats, as well as .rpm and .deb packages.

For toast itself, no packages exist for Ubuntu, Fedora, or openSUSE. Its main requirement is Perl. You can either download the uncompressed Perl script and shove it into your $PATH to install it with default settings, or use toast to install itself, either inside your home directory, if you are the only user who is going to use toast, or system-wide to allow all users to use the same toast. Using toast to install itself into your home directory is shown below. If you need to use a Web proxy to download files you need to set the environment variable in order for toast to install itself.