Install RealPlayer on Ubuntu

In my last post I had a mini rant regarding the BBC's use of RealPlayer and how I believe Real's media formats are not particularly well supported under Linux. In the comments which followed, James pointed out the fact that RealPlayer is supported under Linux; you just have download the executable binary file and install it yourself. In my reply to James, I stated:

While it may not be difficult for power users to install Real Player, I think regular users would maybe struggle. Personally, I cannot remember the last time I had to download and install an executable binary; which either says a lot about the current state of Linux and how far it has come, or how poorly supported Real Player is.

Anyhow, I do not like moaning about stuff without doing anything constructive to rectify things; so, I decided to write this little howto install RealPlayer guide for Ubuntu Linux. If this is something you are interested in doing then follow the instructions below to download and install RealPlayer, and enable the Mozilla/Firefox plugin:

1. Open a terminal and enter the following command to download RealPlayer: