Install Firebird 2.0.3 Database Server On Ubuntu 7.10

This tutorial explains how you can install the Firebird database server (version 2.0.3) on an Ubuntu 7.10 server. 

Step 1. Prepare an nice Ubuntu server : fire a "The Perfect Setup - Ubuntu" search on HowtoForge and follow the steps according to the OS version you are decided to go on.

Step 2. Do the libstdc++5 installation (before installing Firebird):

        user@machine:~# sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

Step 3. Download and expand Firebird installation kit from (downloads) or source force: the 2.0.3 NTPL superserver.

- for 32 bit OS:

        user@machine:~# sudo wget

        user@machine:~# sudo tar -xvf FirebirdSS-

        user@machine:~# cd cd FirebirdSS-

- for 64 bit OS: