How to turn on Compiz Fusion and get great custom effects in Ubuntu’s Gutsy Gibbon

So you want to get extra cool effects using Compiz Fusion as it’s built into your new Ubuntu 7.1o install but you’re unsure how to get more than a few wobbly windows or how to even turn on wobbly windows? Here’s the quick way to do it.

First, you’ll have to have a computer with a GPU that supports this kind of thing. Most modern computers, even those with onboard GPUs will do fine. My Lenovo X60s works great and it’s about 1.5 years old.

So, to turn on the neat visuals, go to System > Preferences > Appearance and then the visual effects tab. Once there, click the appropriate option.

But wait, you don’t have that Custom option at the bottom featuring a weird whitish thing I can only assume is a customized magic wand? Here’s how to get that - don’t worry, it’s easy.