Having trouble with your static / dhcp / wireless internet connexion in Ubuntu (and most linux distro’s)? Try Wicd

The Gnome Network Manager is really buggy and a lot of people are having trouble configuring the network connexion and getting it to work. Rather it’s wireless, static or dinamic ip, it’s just a pain in the a**. So i looked for an alternative, especially after my girlfriend’s computer started behaving odely: internet worked for about 5 minutes and then she needed to restart in order for it to work… every 5 minutes that is. That’s when i found out about Wicd, an alternative for the gnome Network Manager.

Wicd has the abillity to connect to any network (static, dhcp, wireless), profiles for each network, backwords compatibility with networking comands (iwconfig, ifconfig), select between static IP addresses and DHCP on a per network basis, store different static IPs, gateways, subnet masks, DNS server addresses per network, automatically connects at resume from suspend, ability to run scripts before/after connecting/disconnecting and of course [...]