Has GNOME finally killed off KDE in the Ubuntu interface wars?

Things are not looking good for KDE, following the news that KDE will not be getting long term support (LTS) whereas GNOME will according to Canonical. The Hardy Heron will be assured of LTS status it seems, making Ubuntu 8.04 the second version of this Linux distro to get the Canonical commercial blessing.

The decision would appear to be a simple commercial one, after all GNOME is far and away the most popular when it comes to downloads. Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical CEO, reckons it accounts for around 65% of all Ubuntu downloads. So where does this leave the other 35% who are loyal to KDE?


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Hardy Heron and KDE 4

In fact, the problem with Kubuntu 8.04 LTS is because KDE 4 will be launched in the middle of the release development, and because it will be a major change in the platform.

So the Kubuntu Team decided to no make Kubuntu 8.04 and LTS version.





Marcelo Terres 

Indeed, that's also why

Indeed, that's also why there was a lot of negative response to this article, like this one (which I'll post later today).


Yeah, I'm not even going to

Yeah, I'm not even going to go into why this article is so so wrong, I took care of that in the comment I posted on this guy's blog. But suffice it to say, this is sensationalism, and simply ridiculous.