A handful of desktop utilities for snipping multiple clips

You might imagine that a utility as simple as a multiple clipboard would have become standard on the GNU/Linux desktop. All it needs is the ability to copy and paste text and some popular graphics formats, plus some basic controls to set the number of stored items and to clear the memory. Yet, although at least six multiple clipboards are available, choosing which to use is a matter of trade-offs that depends partly on your desktop environment and partly on which features you want.

For some time, a multiple clipboard was one of the inexplicably missing utilities in GNOME. However, in the past year, Glipper has corrected that oversight. Originally written C, it was recently rewritten in Python, and is now the fastest-acting of all the clipboards I have seen. One especially promising feature is its ability to use plugins to extend its functionality, including the setting of actions to perform when a regular expression is matched in a history item, such as opening a Web browser when an URL is copied.