Gnome-Colors: Customization of Themes, Icons, GDM Logins and Splash Screens for Your Gnome Desktop

The GNOME-Colors is a project that aims to make the GNOME desktop as elegant, consistent and colorful as possible.

The current goal is to allow full color customization of themes, icons, GDM logins and splash screens. There are already six full color-schemes available; Brave (Blue), Human (Orange), Wine (Red), Noble (Purple), Wise (Green) and Dust (Chocolate).

GNOME-Colors is mostly inspired/based on Tango, GNOME, Elementary, Tango-Generator and many other open-source projects.

Installing GNOME-Colors will provide you three things:

  • Arc-Colors GDM Themes (login screens) and Wallpapers
  • Shiki-Colors GNOME Themes. These are colored themes for the whole desktop
  • GNOME-Colors Icons