GLX Dock (Cairo Dock) 2.2 Released With A Panel Mode, Multiple Instances Support, MeMenu, Messaging Menu And Lots More

Cairo Dock / GLX Dock 2.2 screenshot


Cairo Dock - also known as GLX Dock - version 2.2 has finally been released! The new feature in this stable release include:

  • panel mode
  • 2 new autohide modes (hide whenever the dock overlaps the active window" and "hide whenever the dock overlaps any window")
  • icons can be displayed when the dock is hidden
  • integration of the Me Menu and Messaging Menu applets
  • run multiple instances of Glx Dock
  • better support for old graphic cards
  • new default theme to match the Ubuntu Ambiance / Radiance themes and new wallpaper
  • other small enhancements: all the themes have been polished, you can now manage tasks in the Clock's calendar, use tiny URLs in the Drop-and-Share applet, the Dustbin applet handles all the drives and many more.