Give Me 3 Synths, Part 3

In this final installment to the series I'll double your reading pleasure by presenting two new Linux softsynths. Such a deal, two reviews for the price of one! When I wrote my article on the LinuxSampler Project I noted the distinction between a performance sampler and a studio sampler. It occurs to me now that the same distinction should be made with regards to synthesizers. The synthesizers profiled in this review are best considered as performance synths, so let's see what makes the difference.

Perhaps the most significant difference is the lack of patch save/load mechanisms and the non-keyboard orientation. Performance synths assume few or no particular initial conditions, and it is perhaps best to think of them as typical musical instruments (i.e. the performer is expected to play an integral part in the creation of timbre/tone-color). They are designed for realtime use in which the player programs the synthesis settings as a matter of course and often radically. Performance synthesizers are especially well-suited for improvisatory and exploratory musics, though of course they are not limited to any specific forms or styles.