gedit: a powerful, underrated text editor for everybody

Most computer users spend their entire life looking for the Holy Grail. In other words, they spend all their life searching for the perfect editor that supports all their languages, is free as in speech, has spelling, has highlighting… you get the picture. Obviously, there isn’t a perfect editor out there. However, some come pretty close. Ironically, one of them is one that any Ubuntu (or in fact, any Gnome) user has installed, though they may not know it. It’s called gedit (also known as Text Editor).

gedit: not as simple as it looks

Most of the world doesn’t use gedit for much more than they used Notepad back on Windows (or TextEdit, if you happen to be a Mac user). In other words, all it’s used for is basic editing (like config files or docs). It doesn’t have any power… right? Wrong. In fact, gedit is one of the most powerful editors in the GNU/Linux world.