FusionCharts Free: Cross-platform charts that rock

It has been said that the best things in life are free. While this isn't always true, it applies in this case. If you've struggled with GNUplot, JPgraph or other charting applications, FusionCharts Free is a breath of fresh air. Have you dreamed of finding a charting and graphing application that is simple to install, easy to configure, and drop-dead gorgeous? Stop dreaming and download a copy of FusionCharts Free. You'll be producing professional quality charts and graphs in no time.

Created by InfoSoft Global, FusionCharts Free is a scaled-down version of FusionCharts v3 and uses Adobe Flash MX, ActionScript 1, and XML data files to produce cross-platform and cross-browser compliant charts. Unlike traditional graphing applications such as GNUplot and JPgraph, FusionCharts doesn't rely on server-based scripting languages and isn't tied to a specific platform or database. While it supports scripting languages like PHP and Ruby, they aren't required. And that's the beauty of this application: you can install FusionCharts Free on your desktop PC or on an enterprise Web server in just a few minutes without worrying about required packages and dependencies. Everything you need to produce a wide variety of charts and graphs is included in the distribution.