Flock 1.1 offers nectar for social butterflies

When we looked at Flock 0.9 last year, the social Web browser showed a lot of potential. Now that it's over the 1.0 hump, the Flock team has made good on the application's promise. Maybe too good -- while Flock serves up a lot of content on a single page, you practically need super-powers to take it all in. Once you cut back on the sensory input a bit though, it's a pretty slick Firefox alternative for anyone with a ton of cyber friends.

Since it's based on the popular Mozilla browser, Flock functions nearly the same as Firefox, right down to the keyboard commands. Flock installed quickly and smoothly for me. It immediately recognized all of my Firefox settings, including the links and RSS feeds I keep on my toolbar. My bookmarks (which Flock calls Favorites) were thoughtfully accounted for in the Favorites Manager, yet stored in a separate file in case I didn't want to integrate them.