Fixing the grammar glitch in Ubuntu Hardy

Last year Nanci posted that there were grammar checking tools for, the wonderful open source office suite, that takes care of one of the most glaring omissions and deal breakers in people looking for a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office. Unfortunately there seems to be a bit of a glitch with it in Ubuntu Hardy. Luckily there is an easy way to fix it.

The problem is a simple one. The LanguageTool software requires Java to work, but just having Java installed isn’t good enough. You need the package in the main repository for to be able to use Java, and it’s too big for the distribution CD so most of us don’t have that crucial package installed. It’s possible that while upgrading to Ubuntu Hardy that package may have been deleted rather than getting updated, but either way I’m seeing many people are running into this problem.  Luckily it’s an easy problem to resolve. Simply install the missing package either in Synaptic or enter the following command in Terminal: