Fix Comcast or University BitTorrent Connection Killing on Ubuntu

I was searching the web for a fix for this fuq'd up problem about Comcast and Universities limiting connections with Sandvine. I have many reasons to believe qwest and other internet service providers are going to start limiting your torrent connections which is bullshit. Bittorrent is indeed hard on ISP's with thousands of syn/ack and tcp connection to and from your computer. I have read BANDWIDTH CHALLENGE TO PUSH LIMITS OF TECHNOLOGY and it seems bandwidth is surpassing technology and ISP's need to upgrade, but anyways who's fault is that? Not ours, screw them!


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Won't work - RSTs are set in both directions

Tests and Results-RSTs are set in both directions

Comcast users should not modify their firewalls to drop RST packets as it is not an effective defense against the injected RST packets.