First million votes, and call for moderators for project-specific Brainstorm frontends

Already one million votes have been cast on ideas by Ubuntu users! Whoah! At the moment, ideas at Ubuntu Brainstorm can concern any project, Ubuntu-related or upstream. That's nice, but as a project maintainer, you may want more visibility with a part of the website dedicated to your project and an easier way to deal with your ideas, by having some control over them.

That's what is coming next! If you are willing to moderate it, you can ask for a area. This "subsection" will be like the current Brainstorm site, and use the same idea database, but ideas will be filtered by your project - it's basically a Brainstorm frontend for your project.

If you are interested, you can ask for it for the next update on the mailing list or in IRC (#ubuntu-testing). So who wants a Xubuntu or Kubuntu Brainstorm frontend? :)

Ideas XML export

Of course, for project maintainers who are interested in the feedback and who want to use their own tools, an idea XML export will be provided at the next update.