Firefox feed extensions

Few features are as essential to modern Web browsing as feeds. With the rise of social networking and file sharing sites, feeds have become the only way for many people to keep up-to-date with all the sites that interest them. Certainly feeds are more efficient than resolutely clicking dozens or hundreds of bookmarks one after another. To satisfy the need to feed, developers have written dozens of Firefox add-ons to help you view both classic feed formats and sites that lack a feed.

By default, Firefox treats feeds as bookmark folders in which you must open each item separately, with only the first 40 or so characters of the title visible. Some extensions are designed to work directly with these live bookmarks (as Firefox call them), such as Feed Sidebar, a button that lists all unread items in your feeds in a side panel, and RSS Ticker, which creates a scrolling marquee of all your live bookmarks. You might also consider installing Reliby, which updates all your live bookmarks at the click of a single button.