Firefox 3 launch day edition!

We’re done! Firefox 3 is being launched today after having been in development for roughly three years. Contributed to by thousands of people — developers, designers, localizers, testers, marketers, user supporters and documentation writers — Firefox 3 has been produced by one of the greatest open source communities in the world. We’re all extremely proud of it and incredibly excited to finally get it into the hands of millions of people.

For the past few weeks, the folks in the Mozilla community have been writing extensively about the new and improved features you’ll see in the browser. The new features run the gamut from huge and game-changing to ones so subtle you may not notice them until you realize that using Firefox is just somehow easier and better. The range of improved features is similar — whole back-end systems have been rebuilt from scratch, while other features have been tweaked slightly or redesigned in small ways. Overall, the result is the fastest, safest, slimmest, and easiest to use version of Firefox yet. To find out more, read the Field Guide to Firefox 3.