Firefox 3 Beta Review: A Disappointment

I’ve been testing the latest release of Firefox since my last article, which discussed the areas Mozilla needed to work on. Overall, it looks and feels like the last release. Undoubtedly, there have been marked improvements made in the security and stability of the application. But to be honest, I was right about one prediction - a total lack of offering anything compelling over the previous release.

Firefox Does Vista. Those of us using Linux or OS X are not too likely to become excited over the latest release. Finally, Vista users now have parental control tie-in for their OS and Firefox. Right, and most people care because of why? If someone is so into Microsoft that they are using Vista, then let them use IE7. This does nothing to tie into open source alternatives like Dansguardian (Web content filtering).


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well I guess the biggest new

well I guess the biggest new feature is the supposedly smaller memory footprint... For features that was on top of my whish list next to faster starting time.
We do not want ff to be the next open office do we?