Firefox, apply directly to the forehead

Over the past few years, like lots of Linux users, I have become increasingly frustrated with the performance of Firefox in Linux. Though I haven't been as vocal as others of the state of Firefox, it was clear that most of us were just sick and tired of Firefox being a "good Windows browser that happened to run in Linux."

I was not alone. Over the past year I've noticed that a good number of people I know have switched over to Epiphany. Epiphany is a great browser to begin with. Native controls, quick, and very GNOME-y. Epiphany was rocking an "Awesomebar" long before it was cool. But still, there's something about Mozilla as a whole that was always close to me.


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Since I use KDE and also have the same problem, isint there an Epiphany alternative for KDE, GNOME stuff dont run very well for me :( And the addons...

By the way, the source site is down or something...