Firefly extension turns Firefox into a file browser

Nowadays, Web browsers can act as front ends to many other kinds of applications. For instance, if you want to browse and open the files on your hard drive from within Firefox, turn to the Firefly extension.

After you install Firefly, you must configure it before you can use it. Select Tools -> Addons, scroll down to the extension, and click on Options. Firefly has six screens' worth of options. Under General you can set such things as deciding whether to show hidden files, open a sidebar from which to browse and select directories and files by default, and play music automatically. As Firefly is slow when displaying large directories, you might want to experiment with the directory scan interval and disable the calculation of directory sizes and display of icons too. However, the most important thing to do is to click on the Tree tab and set up the directories you want Firefly to display. Click on Add to save your choices.