Extended review of the Ubuntu Dust theme

Last week I wrote a slightly scathing mini-review of Dust, a new Ubuntu theme which has gathered quite a following keen to see it included in November’s Intrepid Ibex release. After the review attracted some vehement disagreement, I decided in the interest of fairness to give the theme a solid test run.

The conditions I set myself were simple: if, with the same amount of tweaking and customisation I would put into my own desktop, I could get Dust looking good on a test desktop, I would humbly eat my words. Here’s the setup I came up with.

Wallpaper: It obviously had to be something orange-red, or at least dark brown. I played around typing ‘africa’ and ‘desert’ into Flickr, but all the photos were either too dark or too monochromatic to contrast sufficiently with the dull Dust panels. Eventually I settled on this great shot which seems almost custom-made for Dust. I especially like all the limpid, crystalline elements: the metal sign, the railway tracks, the glassy blue sky. High praise and credit to the photographer.