Exceptional Linux programs for Kids

There’s nothing worse than hearing how an entire school district is switching operating systems from Mac to Windows (or vice versa) because that’s what the “business” world relies on or some other blather. The costs associated with the transition are enormous and the whole ‘to do’ is unnecessary, because features on applications mimic one another. Additionally, it seems one option is Linux, which is open source and free.

The idea in technology (and education for that matter), is to teach concepts so the whole underrated independent thinking mode can kick in when little Johnny is tinkering with different programs. Then true exploring and true creating can occur and the operating system or program is of little consequence. Also, with a little time, most users, especially children, will be able to get around in the program and start creating. Since no one can predict which operating system will have the majority market share in the future it seems pointless to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars solely on that basis alone.

In that vein, below is a round-up of exceptional Linux programs for children which cater to their endless fascination with learning exploration and fun. Please check them out and let us know your favorites. And if you like them, be sure to share them with your friends.