The Essence of Choice

Over the years, I've had people ask me many times, "Why do you use this program or that program?  Why not use Microsoft instead like everyone else?"  I simply reply, "Because I prefer to have the power to choose what program I want to use, when, where, why, and without big brother corporation X breathing down my neck telling me what I can and can't do."  The responses to that have been quite interesting over the years. 

I've even had someone say, "That's silly.  Everyone else is using it, so it must be good.  At least it's better than your program.  If I've never heard of it and nobody else is using it, it must suck.  Just use Microsoft like everyone else."

I had to shake my head and sigh at that one.  It's the typical response you'd expect to hear from today's computer lemming.  And despite being lemmings, there's still far too many of them in the world.  The biggest reasons for this lemming mentality is this.