Encrypted Ubuntu 8.04

Data encryption is one of the best methods to protect your sensitive files, especially if you own a laptop. Unfortunately, on the Ubuntu operating system, it's only available in the text mode installer. But that's why this guide is here, to help you install a fully encrypted Ubuntu OS on your computer. The whole process is completely safe and it is recommended to be used by anyone out there who wants to protect his/her sensitive data. To break it down to you: No more living in fear! Your data will NOT be stolen anymore!

OK, OK, so what are the advantages of this encryption?

  • In order not to reveal data you may consider confidential, everything on that disk (including the SWAP space) will be fully encrypted;
  • Pre-boot authentication support. This way, you can set GDM (the GNOME login manager) to automatically log-in the default user.

Any disadvantages I should know of?

  • Except the fact that the whole installation process is done in text mode and it will take a little longer than the usual graphical installation, there are no other disadvantages!

Things needed: