Dual boot with two Linux, sharing the same home directory

I usually use in my Desktop at home Debian Etch (Stable), but as I also like Mandriva since I tested it, I wanted to install a dual boot system, with both Mandriva and Debian Etch, but I also wanted to have access to both file systems with the same permissions and even have the same /home partition for the two operating systems, so for this I needed to be sure to have the same user with the same UID and GUID in both systems.


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You write to Ubuntu(hq) page and run Debian and Mandriva. Odd...Laughing:P

Haha, sorry you are right,

Haha, sorry you are right, but this also works for Ubuntu, actually I am doing with Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva en Debian on the same PC.

But could be good to have Feisty and Gutsy on the same PC to test Gutsy. :)