Downloading Photos to Ubuntu

My use of Ubuntu so far has included a little word processing, some graphic manipulation and Internet functionality, but yesterday, I tried importing pictures from the Canon Ixus that I use.

In Windows XP this is a breeze. I take the SD Card, shove it into the SD Card Reader, XP picks it up and offers me a bunch of options, amongst other things to import the photos. I can choose the folder, set the pre-fix of the file-name and click import and it downloads the pictures with the name I chose plus sequential numbers, and if I choose to do so, delete them too.

So there I was, just me, Ubuntu and the memory card from my camera. I didn’t know if it would work, but in my quest of migrating to Ubuntu, it was necessary to know, because I use it often enough. So I shoved the SD Card in the reader and squinted at my screen to detect any signs of a response.