Does Ubuntu Need a New Flavor Aimed At Developers?

I asked this question over at the Ubuntu Forums, but I wanted to elaborate more on the subject here. In case you don’t know what Ubuntu is, it is one of the many distributions of Linux. Ubuntu, just like Linux, also has many flavors. There is Linux Mint (a distro aimed at noobs), Ubuntu Studio (a distro aimed at the arts), Mythbuntu, and more.

I have been thinking, and apparently, so have other people in the Ubuntu Idea Pool. There isn’t much of anything for developers and programmers in terms of out-of-the-box usage in Ubuntu, which has lead to the idea of Devbuntu. Devbuntu would be a new flavor of Ubuntu aimed at developers and programmers. The reason for creating a seperate distro is simple, including many programming applications would only bog down Ubuntu for the regular desktop users. Here’s a list of the features I hope would be included in such a distro: