Distribution Release: Ubuntu Muslim Edition 7.10

Ubuntu Muslim Edition, an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution enhanced with Islamic software, has been updated to version 7.10 "The Ubuntu Muslim Edition team is proud to announce the final version of UbuntuME 7.10. This version has exactly the same features as the 7.04 version but is built on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)." Some of the differences between Ubuntu 7.10 and UbuntuME 7.10 include:

"OpenOffice.org, Gnome Games removed (available on CD 2); Flash player installed and configured for Firefox (to enable Quran recitations in Zekr); WCC (parental control) enabled by default (so as browsing the Internet is safe); UbuntuME packages - Islamic Calendar, Minbar, Zekr; miscellaneous packages - AptOnCd, rar, unrar, VLC." Read the release announcement and content information for further details.