Direct2Dell: Ubuntu 7.10 Offering - Technical Details

Now that we have shared that Ubuntu 7.10 is available for sale on select Dell systems, I'd like to take the opportunity to give an update on what customers can expect with this offering. Most of the Ubuntu 7.04 technical details are still valid for this release, but there are a number of changes that I'd like to point out:

  • On every system purchased pre-installed with Ubuntu 7.10, we are now providing Corel's LinDVD DVD playback software by default. This application will allow customers to *legally* play encrypted DVD movies on their desktop or laptop. Note that this is a closed-source, proprietary application, and is not included on the Ubuntu 7.10 OS media.
  • Compiz Fusion desktop effects are enabled by default on all systems sold with Ubuntu 7.10. We chose to only turn on the effects that Ubuntu 7.10 enables by default, but customers can easily configure additional effects. Here's a YouTube clip that shows off some of the effects. And if you're interested, the Compiz Fusion wiki maintains a list of available plug-ins.