Developer Summit Day 2 Report

Day 2 of the Developer Summit was sunny and beautiful, as many took advantage of the rooftop garden near the conference rooms. Starting the sessions today were roundtables about many topics including the community, desktop, server, and others. After these followed the usual sessions, as per today’s schedule.

Community Roundtable

The community roundtable covered around many issues but started with the issue of burnout, how to deal with it, how to look for it and what sort of resources need to be available. The possibility of a resource pack was discussed but no overall consensus was reached. Jono emphasized that part of his, Jorge and Daniel’s roles is to help deal with this sort of issue and that the door is, figuratively speaking, always open, something he later blogged about. The need to de-stress was also talked about, with discussion of some sort of gaming tournament and of course, the need to get out from behind the computer and do something real featuring on the list of potential resolutions.

Defining a roadmap for supporting LoCo teams

This spec started with a reiteration of the need for the creation of a LoCo council to approve LoCo teams.