CrunchBang Linux 7.10.02 Release Notes

CrunchBang Linux is an Ubuntu based distribution featuring the lightweight Openbox window manager and GTK+ applications. The distribution has been built and customised from a minimal Ubuntu install. The distribution has been designed to offer a good balance of speed and functionality. CrunchBang Linux is currently available as a LiveCD; however, best performance is achieved by installing CrunchBang Linux to your hard disk.


  • Speed. CrunchBang Linux has been reported to be a “A Faster Ubuntu”. While CrunchBang Linux is not primarily designed for old systems, it has been reported to operate very well where system resources are limited. Once installed, CrunchBang Linux should boot-up and operate much faster than a regular Ubuntu installation.

  • Compatibility with Ubuntu. With the exception of a few packages, CrunchBang Linux is built entirely from packages available from the Ubuntu repositories. CrunchBang Linux uses the same APT package management tools and update manager. CrunchBang Linux comes with all the lastest package updates installed and ready to go.