Creating Panorama pictures or: “The power of open source software”

First, a little disclaimer: I am not a good photographer. All I know is that longer shutter values give more light, so does a wider aperture. That’s it. I do not own a good camera. It even isn’t a SLR. It is so old, is sucessor already has a sucessor. Despite these more than obvious limitations, I managed to create some decent looking shots, all with the help of the above mentioned equipment and open source software.

In particular, I am talking about:

Hugin - the panorama stitcher. To me, hugin is one of the greatest pieces of F(L)OSS to date. It builds on extremely powerfull tools which feature heavy mathematics and insanely clever algorithms that are way over my head, yet it gives me the power to use these tools to create results that leave my viewers with dropped jars. And all of this with no more than 4 dialogs, each of which as easy as browsing the web.