Creating a Linux Terminal Media Server for Your Home PC’s

It seems we always need to update our PC hardware at one point or another, to keep abreast of the increasing demands that current software makes of our computers. If like me, you hate to lose the use of older PC’s, you may store them away for “later” projects.

When I was a heavier Windows user, I often had the experience of using Terminal server connections via diskless workstations. At that time, one of the touted benefits was the ability to revive and use obsolete computers because the processing and applications were run on the Terminal Server, not the workstation. I’ve been contemplating trying to afford the addition of another workstation to use as a media centre. I’d been hemming and hawing about the cost of a new PC for this as the funds are just not there, until it occurred to me that I could use a couple of the older units for this purpose; connected to a Linux Terminal Media Server.