A conversation with the autopackage team

Curtis Knight, Isak Savo, and Taj Morton are the lead maintainers and developers of autopackage, a set of tools designed to let developers build and distribute distribution-neutral installation packages. In this interview, they share their vision of the project and where Linux packaging in general is going.

Linux.com: How and when did the autopackage project begin? What does the current project team look like?

Isak: Autopackage began in 2002, when Mike Hearn decided he wanted to make Linux easier to use. Hongli Lai and Curtis joined the team in the first year, while I joined somewhere around 2004, and so did Taj Morton. The current team is mostly Curtis, Taj, and I, with occasional contributions from other people on the project mailing list. Geographically, we are spread apart. I live in Sweden, Taj on the west coast of the US, and Curtis on the east coast.

LC: Many open source developers work on FOSS projects in their free time. Does that hold true for you as well?