The Complete Ubuntu Desktop Setup

The latest release of the very famous desktop oriented Linux distribution, Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, was released last month and has earned high accolades from a very wide range of users. Almost every professional reviewer has applauded and appreciated this release, I can quote Ars Technica , PC World, Ditrowatch and Seopher.
Soepher actually goes to the extent of claiming that:

"Show me one Vista user who isn't in awe of Gutsy Gibbon and I'll show you a liar".

These all present a very rosy picture of Ubuntu Gutsy and made me try Ubuntu. My experiences, however, were not as good.
Ubuntu is a great distribution and is one of the major causes of increase in Linux on Desktop. It definitely is an easy to use distribution and has a great community. Most of the hardware is self detected and auto configured; still I found it lacking in some small areas. This article represents the measures I took to make Ubuntu truly workable for me.