Is Compiz-Fusion A Good Reason To Try Linux?

I cannot count how many times I receive e-mails where I hear about the poor soul who opted to take whichever distro for a test drive, only to discover that Compiz, Beryl, and these days; Compiz-Fusion has left the user scratching their head. To be clear, I believe you should be using Linux for intelligent reasons: secure, free and customized to suit your needs.

But due to the ongoing drive to get people to use Linux just because of whiz-bang effects makes me feel like I ought to be running a Mac or something, it just does not feel natural anymore.

It All Started With Compiz. The very first time I took what was then known as Compiz for a spin on Dapper, I could not get over how cool the experienced seemed. But after a few days, then weeks, then months, as I upgraded to Edgy, I opted to take something known as Beryl for a spin. It was supposed to have some of the cool features offered by then Compiz, but with even more effects and eye candy.