Compiling Wormux 0.8 from Source

Wormux is an open source clone of the classic game Worms. It’s a multiplayer turn-based game in which teams of open source mascots battle on a deformable landscape with a variety of weapons.

Wormux 0.8 was recently released, bringing networked multiplayer, new maps & weapons, bugfixes, and more. Wormux has been one of my favorite open source games, and now it’s possible to play with friends not sitting at the same computer as me.

An older version, Wormux 0.8 beta 4, is included in the Ubuntu repositories. No package or download of the final version is available for Linux yet. However, I was able to compile Wormux 0.8 from source on Ubuntu 8.04. The process is fairly easy, you can follow using the commands below.