Comic strip aims for a fun way to educate new Linux users

Jeremiah Gray wants to provide an interesting way to learn about Linux, so he's created a new comic strip, called Hackett and Bankwell, about the open source operating system. The strip will be published as a series of comic books that Gray hopes will appeal to new Linux users, but he says it is "more than just a comic book version of a Linux training guide."

Gray wanted to do something to help educate new Linux users and accomplish his vision of growing the acceptance and use of the Linux platform. Originally he wanted to work within a more traditional classroom experience. "I was interested in starting an organization like Free Geek, in Portland," he says. "But after visiting them a few times and helping out with their command-line classes, I shifted my focus to developing a curriculum that would make key concepts stick. I've endured enough tech manuals to know they're not very fun to read."