Choosing a font manager

With libraries of thousands of fonts to handle, designers need a way to quickly locate fonts and organize them into meaningful categories -- such as by the project that requires them -- and to disable fonts when they are not in use so that they don't clog system memory. Although as recently as two years ago the GNU/Linux desktop lacked a font manager that met all these needs, it now has four that either meet them or are likely to.

Fonty Python

I first reviewed Fonty Python a year ago. Since then, it has expanded its support of font file formats by adding Type 1 (PostScript), but little else seems to have changed.

Fonty Python has a couple of unusual dependencies in python2.4-imaging and python-wxgtk2.6, but these should be available in major distributions. Once you have satisfied these dependencies, download and untar the latest version, then log in as root, change to the directory with the untarred files, and enter the command python install. Within a few seconds, you can start Fonty Python with the command fontypython.