Change Firefox 3's URL bar behavior

Mozilla, makers of Firefox, a popular alternative to Safari on many users' machines, will very shortly release Firefox 3--the product is currently at release candidate stage, which typically means a final release is imminent. The latest version of Mozilla's browser includes a number of new features to make browsing faster, easier, and perhaps even more fun. I covered some of those features, along with other changes, in a recent first look at Firefox 3 based on the fourth beta release of the browser.

One of the subtle changes in Firefox 3 is the behavior of the URL bar. If you've loaded a page and you click in the URL bar, Firefox 3 will automatically select the entire URL. This makes it easy to copy (or drag-and-drop) the URL to another location, but it's different than how both Firefox 2 and Safari (and most any other OS X application) work--in those browsers, clicking in the URL bar positions the cursor at the position where you clicked. While I've adjusted to this change and actually like it (I more often copy URLs than I edit them, so this saves me a bit of time), Firefox 3 provides a relatively simple way to revert to the old behavior.