Call for testing: major update of Ubuntu Brainstorm

A major evolution of Ubuntu Brainstorm is on the way, and includes:

  • An UI redesign, for better navigation through projects and categories.
  • Idea rationale & solution separation, with the ability to add your solution to an existing idea rationale. That will help have a better visibility by gathering ideas tackling the same problem.
  • Approval required for newly submitted ideas. That will help make Ubuntu Brainstorm content consistent by filtering the non-ideas, duplicates and poorly described ideas.
  • Custom permissions for project administrators. Upstream and Ubuntu developers could, if they want, ask to add their project and manage ideas related to their project.
  • And much more...

I'm happy to announce that it's reaching a usable state, and is available for open testing on You can use your current Brainstorm login if older than the 23th June. (Warning: test server with limited resources).

Indeed, a lot of changes were done, and I'd like to test it thoroughly before going live (which I don't expect before a month). So you are welcome to post test content, vote, and report any error you find on Discussion and suggestion about the new UI can take place in this thread. (Note: This is a test setup, meaning that all your interactions will be removed at next code update)

Thanks for your help!