BulletProof-X: Windows Safe Mode Comes to Ubuntu

I cannot tell you how many times I have found myself looking at that ugly and rather useless Xorg reconfigure screen that has never worked on Ubuntu for me. Generally, I would see something like this (not the exact image, but close) and then ask you to diagnose the problem from the x server output. This is fine for an advanced distro, but not for Ubuntu or its derivatives.

BulletProof-X. A few people have charged this new Ubuntu feature, known as BulletProof-X , as being little more than a safe mode-like option, which a competing OS from Redmond has had for years now. What these people fail to grasp, however, is the fact that you can use BulletProof-X to detect your monitor using the CD that's designed for Windows. It's true; just pop it in the drive and Ubuntu will then parse your .inf file from the Windows driver CD. If I remember correctly, Windows Safe mode doesn't even provide access to a CD drive, much do any kind of driver installation for PC monitors.