Broadcast your music with Icecast

You can stream your music collection to the whole Internet from your favorite Linux distribution. Take some playlist files, add in the functionality of the Icecast server, and you have your own Web-based radio stream. Use it to listen to music remotely on your home machine, or tell your friends and become the next Internet radio phenomenon.

Icecast is a collection of programs and libraries that creates a Web server for your stream. Icecast grabs your audio from a source program and allows it to be accessed by going to a URL. It seamlessly communicates with Shoutcast, announcing the presence of your stream all over the world if you wish. Others can listen to your stream through programs like VLC, MPlayer, and Xine.

You need a source program to give audio to your Icecast server. We'll use Ices, which comes in two flavors: the 0.x version supports sending an MP3 stream, and the 2.x version supports the Ogg Vorbis format. Unfortunately, configuring the Icecast server and the Ices source client can be difficult, especially for new users.